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American Football Training Tips

If you’re looking to get fighting fit for the new American football season, we’ve got some exhausting yet rewarding training tips to help you get into the shape of your life.

We all know that a big part of the sport is how long you can keep those intensity levels up, with games often decided by which team has the better long-term engine. Putting the work in well before the season starts is crucial to your team’s success, as no one wants to be playing catch up with fitness when that first ball is kicked down field. To help you in your quest for a strong start to the new play, here are CFL-MI’s American football top training tips!


Get Yourself in the Gym

One of the most obvious answers, but something that is (critically) overlooked by some, is the need to get yourself into the gym to start lifting weights. It seems like a classic cliché that the way to better American football strength and fitness is by pumping iron – but that’s exactly what you’d expect to see in many other sports. Furthermore, it works too! Do your classic deadlifts, squats, bench presses, rows and the rest to improve your core strength immediately, while you can move on to more refined programmes once you’ve been hitting the gym for a while. Don’t expect your American football fitness to improve overnight either – it’ll take time and dedication!


Improve Your Flexibility Once You’ve Settled Back In

While it’s important to keep your core strength at an all-time high as you go, it’s also imperative for other areas of your body to be worked on. Being as flexible as possible will allow you to bend to take those outrageous catches or turn quickly to prevent your man from bursting clear towards the posts. Some of the exercises that you can focus on to boost your athleticism are using the medicine ball for chops, side-to-sides and over/unders. Also, practising your blocks using sled work and the rest will help you to become a steel wall that no one can pass. The best way to do this is to end your strength session with a handful of these activities. That way, you won’t be tempted to slack on your flexible workouts.

Eat the Right Foods for Your Body to Progress

Another cliché, but one that is as obvious as the need to get stronger as an American football player, is to make sure your nutrition is at its most optimal. It doesn’t matter whether you’re stuck in the gym for hours on end, if your diet isn’t up to scratch then your results won’t be. One key point to note is that it’s more than just eating protein, too!

Healthy fats that you’ll find in olive, coconut and krill oils will do you the world of good, while you can also find these nutritious substances in some fish.

While we’re not saying you should completely eradicate the odd burger or greasy meal, these should happen no more than once or twice a week. We understand that the temptation will be there, so try to enjoy these moments as much as possible!