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American Football Equipment

To be able to play American football, you need to be able to protect yourself from the crunching tackles with the appropriate gear.

If we all decided to go all out with no pads or protection, it’s safe to say that the sport would be near enough banned within a week due to the high chance of injury.

Thankfully, though, you don’t need to spend as long as, say, a hockey goaltender to strap yourself up – just a few bits and pieces is all you need. Let’s take you through the required equipment for American football.

A Helmet

The most obvious areas of the body that you need to protect is the head. Housing some of the most important aspects of your body, you need to provide the head with ample protection so that you can limit the risks that come with playing American football. Therefore, choose a helmet that is correct in size and has enough depth to ensure that your head is covered.

Shoulder Pads

As you will often lead with your shoulders to make a tackle to stop those all-important touchdowns, a set of shoulder pads should be next on your American football shopping list. The last thing you want to do is to dislocate or break this area of your body – as doing so will lead to a decent amount of time on the side-lines.

Less Important Pads

While the above two are crucial to being allowed to play American football, there are added extras that you can purchase to limit injury chances even further. Knee and thigh pads come in handy to protect your legs, while rib vests and forearm pads are just some of the examples that players use to safeguard their upper-half.

Before you dive straight into your first crunching tackle on the pitch, be sure that you’ve invested in the right equipment to prevent both injury to yourself and to others around you.