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Hello and welcome to CFL-MI – your number one stop for all things American football.

We’ve got plenty to tell you about with regards to one of the most fascinating and popular sports in the world, culminating in the worldwide event of the Super Bowl.

Every kid from across the globe dreams about one day walking out to play at the end of season finale, and it’s something that keeps players’ dreams alive every single year.

There’s been contrasting moments that will long live in the minds of fans and competitors alike for years to come, with the Super Bowl being the very definition of a make-or-break event. However, we’re not here just to tell you about the Super Bowl – as we expect most of you to know a lot about it already! No, we’re here to promote American football as a whole, with fans outside of North America beginning to take a shine to this amazing spectacle.

Sleek & Beautiful

Before we get into the brains behind CFL-MI, we’re going to explain what you can find on our website.

Think of it as a gentle introduction to American football, as we don’t pretend to be complete experts in the field by any means. We’re simply hoping to generate more interest in the sport we love, displaying the American football flag far and wide to anyone who stumbles across it. As we’re looking forward to newbies accessing our information, we have essentially created CFL-MI for beginners to American football. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Sleek & Beautiful

Before you start playing American football, you need to be aware of the equipment that you’ll need in order to play.

It is a very aggressive sport on occasion, with high-flying moves and tackles being done to progress either team forward. With that in mind, you need to be able to protect yourself and others as much as possible, with injuries occurring all too frequently when the proper regulations aren’t followed. So, first of all, we’ll run you through the minimum American football gear that you’ll need before lacing up those boots.

Sleek & Beautiful

Once you look the part, we’ll outline exactly how to play American football.

Of course, to anyone who’s been in and around the sport for many years, this may seem like a waste of time. However, for rookies, it’s important to know exactly what the rules are so that they can plan accordingly. We’re not expecting you to turn into Tom Brady overnight, so a gentle introduction on how to play is necessary.

A bit more advanced is the webpage about training tips for American football.

It is an activity that demands an athlete in peak condition to play, as lots of running, tackles, aggression, athleticism and more is essential to a player’s success on the pitch. We’ll instruct you to hit the weights hard in the off-season when preparing for the game’s ahead, while taking the time to note a few additional exercises for flexibility and the need to eat properly.

Finally, if you’re wondering who’s behind CFL-MI, then let us introduce ourselves.

We’re simply avid American football fans who wanted to share their knowledge of one of the most thrilling sports around. Any chance we get to spread awareness for the game is something that we can’t pass up, so the internet, of course, seemed like an obvious starting point. With American football’s popularity beginning to reach a global audience, we’d be delighted if we helped just one person discover their passion. Soon we will create as well a new online casinoo page where you can bet on your favourite sport ! Watch this space !

So, be sure to take in everything that we mention here on CFL-MI, and we hope to see you on the pitch very soon.
Have a great game everyone!